Lieberman is no Democrat

I realize that Senator Joe Lieberman has taken good stands on many social issues, but don’t get me started on my contempt for what he has turned into in recent years. He is bad for this country, even bad for Israel, and no longer a Democrat, if he ever was one. But I don’t have to let go with a full rant for there is now a campaign to demand that the Senate Democratic Steering Committee take away the perks and power he has had masquerading as a Democrat.

Learn more at and add your name and comments to the petition there. The group is asking that this take effect in 2009, by which time the Democratic Party should have a majority in the Senate. (Not that we can take that for granted.)


2 thoughts on “Lieberman is no Democrat

  1. Sholom Gliksman

    If it wasn’t for Joe Lieberman the Republicans would have organizational control of the Senate. You may disagree with some of his stands on issues and his support of Senator McCain, but he does vote with the Democrats on procedural matters. Do you really want a Republican organized Senate and senatorial committees?

  2. commentater Post author

    That is why the campaign is to take effect in January when the Senate reorganizes itself. Yes, I know there is a risk that there will not be enough Democrats, but that just means there is a lot to do between now and January.


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