The Sound of Silence

For years I thought about creating a blog. I seemed to be bubbling with ideas for commentary.  Then, when I finally did I wondered if I would have anything to say. I wrote to a long-time blogger and he assured me the ideas would come, there was no rush. Sure enough, within the first few days I found much to talk about and even downloaded special software on to my Treo so that I could post from anywhere.

But I haven’t posted anything in weeks. Is there nothing left to say?  Is it all quiet out there?  No. Sadly almost every day comes another headline:  McCain’s commercials, Obama’s trip, Edwards’ love child. But it all seems noise.  And noise is everywhere.

On the EL (Chicago’s rapid transit system), the volume is up. Families and friends sit across the isle and shout across the car when they could be sitting next to each other and talking in modulated tones.  Because of the ubiquitous presence of cell phones, we not only overhear whispered intimate conversations but often the most private details as shouted into the phones as though intended for public dissemination.  Every where is noise. It can be overwhelming.

And on the Web, news columns merge with blogs, feeding on one another, multiplying the noise.   And what are we learning?

When I was on Weight Watchers, years ago I learned not to look at the scale every day.    The minor fluctuations in weight can be distressing and are really meaningless.  So, too, are the daily factoids from the campaigns and the polls.  One blogger did make that point with regard to the daily fluctions in polls that make it seem that one candidate is moving up or the other down, demonstrating that the long term trends show little movement. Obama retains his slight overall lead (which I suppose is news, but that is another story).

But is it worth while talking about McCain nominating his wife for Cow Chip Queen or Obama’s “arrogance” or his celebrity, or Paris and Britney?  So, why add to it I thought, unless I have something that seems new (although I do wonder why the feminists and even main line liberals aren’t really up in arms).

My instinct is to wait a few days after seeing a news item before posting something so that I can see what the subject is worth while and whether my initial response was correct or needs revision.  Usually, I find my initial response was right, but by the time I decide to post everyone has cought up with me. So why?

Maybe it is just because it is August and the election is still almost three months away. Or maybe ….

There is one comment I was thinking about making, but it didn’t seem to merit its own post. But since I have already started this one, here goes:

What would we think about McCain’s ads if we saw them first on Saturday Night Live?

The “Obama’s the One” ad is brilliant. I couldn’t stop laughing until the very last line. Then of course it soured, but nothing is perfect.

I do wonder, though about the video of McCain at the end of most of these smarmy ads. acknowledging he approves.  Would you vote for that man?

Now back to blessed silence.


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