So the unions have held firm… And now what? Will Bush and the Republicans continue to fiddle while Detroit burns and the rest of us freeze?
Bush, former baseball team owner, it is time to step up to the plate.


5 thoughts on “Backbone

  1. jonolan

    Step up and do what? The US auto industry is failing, both due to the evils inflicted upon it by the UAW and do to poor management. How can the government fix a problem with multivalent causation and culpability that must be shared by both Management and Labor?

    I think it’s best to let them fail, restructure after the bankruptcies, renegotiate or repudiate the union contracts, and move on into a more modern production model.

    This is a problem – IMHO – that can only be fixed by normal market forces and business laws. The government throwing money or legislation at it will only make it worse in the long run by artificially perpetuating a production model that is no longer competitive.

    1. commentater Post author

      Market forces can’t cure the damage that will be done if the auto industry is permitted to fail in this economic climate. A different argument might be made, with regard to one employer in a healthy economy but the domino effect of permitting the industry to collapse at this time will be one more nail in the economic coffin we are building.

      There must be a restructuring, but not on the backs of labor.

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  3. jonolan


    Labor is half the problem, so I think they should shoulder their share of the burden of restructuring. Sadly they aren’t willing to do so.

  4. commentater Post author

    Labor was willing to share a measured and graduated share of the responsibility. It was not willing to commit suicide.


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