49 Whites at the bar.

Rod Blagojavich is still the Governor of Illinois. He is under an obligation to appoint a Senator to replace Barrack Obama. He has fulfilled that obligation by naming Roland Burris.The Senate leadership has said it will not accept anyone named by Blago for fear of “taint.” Tell me it taint so.

Everyone seems to be looking for some Machiavellian purpose in the naming of Burris. Perhaps the most obvious stares us in the face. Had he not done so and stuck to his insistance that he would not appoint anyone he would have handed the legislature a clear instance of nonfeasance, grounds for impeachment that would not require investigation and delay.

While Burris may not have been on anyone’s short list for Senator, he has served Illinois long and reasonably well.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that Senator Reid objected to three other possible nominees: Jessie Jackson, Jr., Danny Davis and Emil Jones. It may be mere coincidence that all three are black men, but the Senators of all 49 other states are or will be white.

No one has put forth any evidence that Burris was involved in any way with Blago’s shenanigans or the auction for Obama’s seat.

The Senate should seat Burris on Tuesday with no delay.


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