Change We Can Believe In? Update

UPDATE: 2/24 One prisoner has been released from Guantanamo. The big issues now are how to handle the rest of them: Release – to where?; continued imprisonment – where? Rights – Any?


Amazing! We are  barely one month into the Obama administration and already he has:

  • Endorsed the Kyoto Treaty;
  • Written environmental and labor safeguards into NAFTA;
  • Drawn down troops from Iraq;
  • Adopted realistic goals in Afghanistan, eliminating bombing attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan that kill civilians;
  • Closed Guantanamo;
  • Ended extraordinary rendition;
  • Supported the right of prisoners in Guantanamo to have their custody reviewed under traditional principles of habeus corpus;
  • Withdrawn U.S. legal objections to review by Federal Courts of cases brought by U.S Citizens held in custody by (or at the request of) the United States in other countries;
  • Ended the use of the claim of national security as justification for keeping those who claim illegal incarceration from seeking redress in U.S. courts;
  • and

  • Supported dismissal of charges in cases where the government refuses to provide evidence on ground of national security.

Oh, wait . . . Not only has the President failed to take these actions, he has supported the opposite principles in these matters and others too.

Oh, well. There is always the politics of hope.

[Readers are invited to submit additional hoped for changes which have been contradicted for inclusion on this list.]


One thought on “Change We Can Believe In? Update

  1. Cecil Jones

    I hoped for a President who would restore the dignity to the White House, but Obama missed that opportunity at the Inaugural. He started talking about “Petty Grievances” and “Childish Things.” He’s talking in code. Moments after he signs the “Lilly Ledbetter Law” attempting to demand corporations pay men and women equally? This law has no teeth. Whereas pay is a genuine business concern, it is standard practice for the government not to intervene in such affairs ever. This law is weaker than the American’s With Disabilities Act. I hope Obama surrounds himself with people who actually have some “Common Sense.”


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